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Full Frame Medium Format

Bigger sensors, more light

The full frame medium format sensors found in the current range of IQ Digital Backs are 2.5x larger than that of full frame DSLR cameras, and 1.5x larger than cropped sensor mirrorless medium format.

The use of a larger sensor means more light, and therefore more information, is available when converting captured light into a digital file. The availability of more data allows us to honor the quality of that data, translating to a more efficient use of information with less interpolation.

Closer to your creative vision straight out of the camera

With Phase One's full frame format sensors the quality of your RAW image more closely reflects your creative vision straight out of the camera.

Extreme Output Flexibility

Thanks to the high resolutions, quality of detail and up to 15-stops of dynamic range, creative freedom is at your fingertips with Phase One's full frame medium format sensors and Capture One's powerful RAW image editing features.

Dedicatied to professional photography
Discover Phase One full frame medium format camera systems