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The Infinity Platform

A leap into the future

The processing platform of any capture device dictates the performance and features one can expect from the camera. Traditionally, the platform is purpose-built for the imaging sensor and optics the camera is intended to utilize.
It’s in this way that Phase One’s approach to camera manufacturing is different. The vision of the Infinity Platform is to not only develop for what we have today, but where we see the camera system in the future. This mentality was first adopted by Phase One with the XF Camera Body, introduced in June of 2015 and perpetually expanding in terms of features and functionality. Phase One now takes that same approach and applies it to the processing platform of the IQ4 itself.
The processing power, data throughput and customizable platform is designed to supply a camera system that can outperform the best of today and excel well into the future. With a strong foundation of integration and power, the Infinity Platform is poised to deliver innovation after innovation, utilizing the same hardware, well into the future.
Iteratively introducing new tools, new features, and facilitating a new perspective approach to problem solving, the Infinity Platform aims to not only revolutionize workflows, but challenge the fundamental techniques and photography.
The powerful and flexible Infinity Platform lays a new foundation for image quality advancement, workflow optimization and feature development today and well into the future. The Infinity Platform is able to dynamically expand and adapt to market demands and technological changes, providing you with a steady stream of new features and innovations aimed at ensuring that your investment allows you to continuously create at the highest professional level for years to come.
Built to explore new possibilities The Infinity Platform is built to grow, expand and adapt, allowing Phase One engineers to explore new possibilities
in digital imaging and approach conventional photographic methods from new perspectives.

The Infinity Platform is the foundation of XF IQ4 Camera Systems

XF IQ4 150MP
Camera System
The World's first 150MP full frame medium format camera system.

XF IQ4 100MP Trichromatic
Camera System
A specially-designed sensor that has been developed to capture pristine color.

XF IQ4 100MP Achromatic
Camera System
A sensor without the Bayer filter, for crisp, clean black and white images.