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Modular Design for Freedom of Choice

Creative flexibility and project-specific need delivered with consistently impressive image quality.

At Phase One, we understand that flexibility is paramount when choosing your equipment. It's an investment in your photography - your future - and choosing or changing your platform are among the biggest decisions you will make. That's why we designed our equipment so that you won't be limited: Phase One Digital Backs are compatible with many medium format bodies and lenses, giving you the freedom to choose your equipment based on your needs, not on the platform.

XF Camera System

The flexible modularity of the XF Camera System, and its seamless, feature-rich, and customizable workflow, helps professionals realize their most demanding creative visions.



The A-series delivers precision optics, custom-calibrated digital backs, and meticulously manufactured components, for a camera system unrivalled in its beauty and image quality.


Capture One

Capture One delivers powerful RAW image editing and capture options, as well as hand-tuned profiles and support for not only Phase One equipment, but more than 500 cameras.

“I'm able to choose the exact camera system I need for any given shoot. Most of the time I shoot using my Phase One back with a third-party body and lenses, but I've started using the XF Camera System too. It's all about choice, and the flexibility to choose here is second to none.” - Jonas Jensen, Beauty Photographer -
25 years of dedication to innovative digital imaging We were born digital, and have been dedicated to delivering innovative digital imaging solutions to professionals ever since.

A camera that changes with technology

The XF Camera System and IQ ranges of digital backs are primed for future development in the form of periodic firmware updates aimed at improving experience and functionality. We listen to the needs of our photographers to guide our development in creating workflow innovations that continually provide the highest professional standard.
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